Programme to August 2017

Monthly Meetings are held at 10.00am on the
3rd Wednesday of each month at St Mary’s Hall, Overton
Programme from September 2016 to August 2017

September 21st

Anthony Poulton Smith - Hampshire Place Names

October 3rd 2.00pm - Sarah Deere-Jones - The History of the Harp       
October 19th
Elizabeth Gowing - Edith and I: on the trail of an Edwardian traveller in Kosovo

November 14th

2.00pm - Chloe Cockerill - Heraldry: It’s all around us

November 16th

Maggie Cotton - Wrong Sex, Wrong Instrument; Orchestral Notes

December 21st

Sue Jackson - Snow and Winter

January 9th
Richard Waldram -    Listed Buildings in Overton 

January 18th
Steve Roberts -     Tales of a Scotland Yard Detective

February 15th
James Hewetson-Brown    - Creating Wildflower Environments from Harry Potter to the Olympics

February 20th

2.00pm - Alan Turton -The Story of Basing House

March 15th
John Pilkington - Russia and Europe: what Next?

April 3rd 2.00pm - Simon Moore - The Effect of the Aesthetic and Arts & Crafts Periods on British Spoons
April 19th

Lady Carnarvon - At Home at Highclere; Stories from the Real Downton Abbey

May 17th
Jon Cannon - A Thousand Years of History: Medieval Cathedrals as Time Machines

June 21st
Phil Holt - The Crowded Sky

Outing TBA

No meeting